About Yontec

A short history

Yontec emerged from a continuation of activities at Jontech, founded in 2005 by Davy Jonckers. For health reasons, Davy was unable to continue his former activities as a well-known farrier, and in 2005 he founded Jontech bvba, following requests from acquaintances to provide them with external industrial maintenance services. Within a few years, what began as an assignment with just one experienced engineer, evolved into a company with more than ten engineers specializing in industrial maintenance.

But Davy still had further ambitions. In 2011, he met Peter Manet, an experienced manager and consultant. They soon found that their collaboration was to create an extraordinary synergy, and so, early in 2012 they founded a new company: Yontec NV. With its well-financed structure, Yontec can help you realize your growth plans.

In the meantime, Yontec has evolved into a company with more than 40 experienced and driven engineers, who, each and every day, are at the service of our customers.

What we can do for you

Yontec provides temporary or permanent expansion of your industrial maintenance capacity. For this purpose we have a team of experienced:

  • Engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Electricians
  • Troubleshooting engineers

Our services can be deployed in the event of:

  • A temporary increase in your capacity requirements for technical projects (in the long or medium-term). We have extensive experience in:

◦ Preventive maintenance
◦ Corrective maintenance
◦ Shutdowns
◦ Assembly jobs
◦ (Re)starting operations

  • Outsourcing of your technical service operations
  • Specific technical jobs or projects

In addition, we have a specialized maintenance programme for accommodation centres such as hotel chains, care and nursing homes etc.